Welcome to Vijay Pandurangan’s Blog. This site contains excerpts from my learning journal.

About Me:
I am a software developer, live in Bangalore. Develop few softwares as part of my profession and for my personal passion.

What I am interested in:
Software architecture, design, best practices etc.,

What technology I’m interested in:
Microsoft.NET, NodeJS, Angular JS, React, Java, etc.,

Only programming?
I’m also interested in astrology, history, spiritually, etc.,

Disclaimer: This blog is the personal opinion of Vijay Pandurangan and does not necessarily represent the opinion of his employer. The author will accept no liability for the use of the information or action taken based on any information provided through this blog. Any use of the blog’s material in articles, white-papers, wikis, blogs, etc. must be attributed to me directly without any reference to my employer. Use of my employer’s name is NOT authorized.

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